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About Gearóid Carey

Gearóid Carey holds a master’s degree in counselling and has over 20 years of experience helping people recover from mental health, addiction, and trauma challenges. He is the author of Recovery Made Simple - Why Suffer? and the creator of The Recovery Tracker. His innovative approach has empowered countless individuals on their recovery journeys.

As the founder of, Gearóid has pioneered 2-Step Recovery and Self-Tracking for Recovery, along with developing The Recovery Formula and innovating Self-Tracking Peer Mentoring. These approaches offer structured and personalized paths to healing.


Through his writings, Gearóid has diagnosed the primary and secondary disorders of the human species and dedicated his life to ending them, along with untreated clinically significant distress. To learn more about his work on the human species, check out his book, From Physics to Metaphysics.

Join the mission to make recovery simpler and more achievable for millions of people.

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