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In this book, you will learn how to:

1. Track your progress and avoid getting stuck.

2. Succeed by developing your strengths, supports and resources.

3. Helps others recover, for example, friends and family.

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"Very helpful. Easy to read and understand. I like the stories as they make it relatable. It has a lot of great insights and explains how to measure progress and move forward by taking small steps. The author also has a website with tools for recovery - worth checking out." 

"This book shows you how to measure your progress and build recovery capital. Practical, informative and inspiring." 

"This book is very well written - not too wordy and easy to read."

About the author - Gearóid Carey

I have a master's degree in counselling and over 20 years of experience helping people recover from mental health, addiction and trauma concerns. My mission is to transform how people understand and experience recovery by making it simpler.

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