Online Support

Connecting with support is an essential ingredient for success. 

Every Monday, 7:30 PM (UK)

A 30-minute introduction to self-tracking for recovery and wellbeing.

Free, weekly, online, educational Zoom meeting. Click the above link at 7:30 PM any Monday to participate.

Free Online 1-1 Mentoring 

Read the Mentoring Agreement for more details. 

Support for your organisation and community

If your community or organisation wants to partner with me to make this new approach to recovery a reality - let's do it! Read the Partnership Agreement for more details. If you are excited about partnering, send me an email. There is no cost.

Project: "Every Prison Everywhere"

Let's collaborate to end clinically significant distress in every prison everywhere. It starts with an email - get in touch.

Project: "Turning the lie"

Let's collaborate to turn so-called disadvantaged communities into advantaged ones by empowering the people with a new understanding of where recovery and wellbeing come from. It starts with an email - get in touch. 

Get in touch if you want to participate.

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