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What is The Recovery Formula?

Research identifies two key factors that significantly improve recovery outcomes:


  1. Measuring Progress: Tracking your progress is crucial, and there’s a free tool available on my website to help you do this.

  2. Building Recovery Capital: This concept is vital for recovery. You can Google it, ask AI, or read my book for more details. It's a well-established concept in recovery.

Here’s the formula:
Measure Progress + Build Recovery Capital = Recovery

I’ve supported many people in their recovery journeys. When they focus on regularly measuring their progress and developing their recovery capital, they achieve much better outcomes.

Think of it this way:

  • Those with low recovery capital tend to struggle and suffer more.

  • Those with high recovery capital progress more quickly.


Additionally, routinely measuring progress helps people avoid getting stuck or deteriorating.

For more detailed insights, check out my book: "Recovery Made Simple - Why Suffer?"

– Gearoid Carey

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