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Two Tribes

Tribe (definition): A group of people having a common character, occupation, or interest (from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

Recovery Tribe (definition): A group of people with the following characteristics.

  1. They understand what clinically significant distress is.

  2. They understand how to treat clinically significant distress (i.e. measure progress and build recovery capital).

  3. They are all committed to assisting any member of the tribe that is experiencing a period of clinically significant distress.

  4. They are all committed to creating a resource-rich environment for recovery and wellbeing for every member.

A tribe can be a family, a school, a workplace, a neighbourhood, or a faith-based community. 

If you want to make your tribe a recovery tribe, get in touch for a free 10-minute consultation.

Consultation Disclaimer:

Any information and recommendations shared during the consultation only represent the individual's opinions and are not to be considered in any way as professional advice, training or guidance. If you have a mental health, addiction or physical health concern, consult the relevant professionals for support and guidance.  

Wellbeing Tribe (definition): A group of people with the following characteristics.

  1. Each member understands that the Primary Disorder in all human affairs is a lack sensitivity and consideration, a callousness, towards people's welfare and wellbeing.

  2. Each member uses their agency to end the Primary Disorder.

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