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Self-Tracking Tools for Recovery and Wellbeing


Self-tracking can help you recover faster.

It takes less than 5 minutes to track your progress.

Easy-to-use tools.


Recovery Tracker 

Recovery Tracker (alternative version)

Distress Tracker (recovery tracker for children)

Addiction Recovery Tracker

Use Journal

Healthspan Tracker

Relationship Tracker

Role Wellbeing Tracker

Career Tracker

Career Discovery Tracker

Creative Pathways to Wellbeing Tracker

Wellbeing Tracker 

Wellbeing Tracker (brief version)


10 Tracker* 

Session Tracker


Brief Self-Tracking Templates*

Self-Tracking Workshop

Remember, seeking professional advice is essential, but self-help tools like these can complement your journey.

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Join the mission to make recovery simpler and more achievable for millions of poeple.

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