Recovery Made Simple App


Easy-to-use tools to help you recover from a difficult time in your life.


It only takes 5 minutes once-a-week to track your progress.

Self-tracking can help you recover faster from many concerns, such as depression, addiction and trauma.


Recovery Made Simple App 

As soon as you have charted your first score, you have started your recovery. Your chart shows where you are and where you want to get to. You now have a simple way to navigate your recovery journey. 

Recovery Made Simple PC App (MS-Excel App)

Recovery Tracker

Recovery Made Simple Workbook

Wellbeing Made Simple Workbook

Recovery Tracker (alternative version)

Recovery Tracker (short version)

Recovery Tracker (alternative short version)

Recovery Tracker (brief version)

Healthspan Tracker

Relationship Tracker

Expereince Tracker

Career Tracker

Career Discover Tracker

Creative Pathways to Wellbeing Tracker

Wellbeing Tracker 

Wellbeing Tracker (brief version)

Self-Tracking Toolkit

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