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Should you track your progress when recovering from a mental health or addiction concern?

When healing from a mental health or addiction concern, it is essential to measure your progress. Let me explain this by way of an analogy. If you have an important document to send, you will likely spend a little extra to have it tracked. By doing this, you will know if it arrived, got stuck or got lost. If it arrives, all’s well. If it got stuck, you can find out why and take appropriate actions to get it moving again. And if the package got lost, you will re-send it, possibly with a different provider. By tracking the package, you can feel confident that your document will reach its destination - even if there are a few challenges.

Similarly, when it comes to your recovery journey, tracking progress is essential. Monitoring your recovery with regular feedback lets you know in real-time if you are moving in the right direction, getting stuck or if things are getting worse. If you are moving in the right direction, keep on going! If you are getting stuck, i.e. not improving, you can work on developing your approach to recovery and the tools you are using. If things are getting worse, you can connect with extra support.

If you would like some free tools to track your progress, visit my website:

If you want to learn more about self-tracking for recovery, my book, “Recovery Made Simple: Why Suffer?” is available on Amazon.

Love and light,

Gearoid Carey

Author and founder of

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