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The most important thing to do in recovery from a mental health or addiction problem.

Measuring progress is crucial for achieving success. This is especially true when recovering from a mental health or addiction concern. The good news is that excellent tools are available to help you track your progress. It can take as little as 5 minutes a week. You just answer a few scaled questions and chart your score. Often, it is just three or four questions. When you are struggling, your score will be low. As you progress, it will improve, and this will be clearly visible on the chart.

When your score is low, you can focus on prioritising recovery. This looks different for everyone, so you have to figure out what works for you. When you figure it out, you'll see your score improve, encouraging you to keep on working.

When your score is good, it's time to focus on maintaining and protecting your recovery. It's also time to focus on developing aspects of your wellbeing, such as fitness, relationships, careers, hobbies, and interests.

Self-tracking provides a process you can trust in. It will boost your confidence - an essential ingredient for success.

If you want some free self-tracking tools, you can get them from my website:

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